The Era Of Globalization


The world is your market. The saying that the world is at your feet now stands so true with the Internet boom. The trend now for many tech savvy people is to start an online store and tap into the world market. The latest figure revealed by Technorati stands at more than 50 million sites worldwide and I think we can double that figure if we take those who do not have web sites or blogs but are just surfers. Out of that figure, conservatively, say about 2O percent shops online, that makes the figure to be around 20 million prospective customers if you have an online store!

This mind boggling figure has attracted many to do business online, which requires very low capital investment. A couple of hundred dollars and you can be on your way to thousands each day. However, don’t let this figure blur your better judgement. Out of 10 online stores, half of them fails to make it.

Starting an online business is not just a matter of getting a domain and start selling whatever you want as professed by many marketers out to make a quick buck. There are many research to be done.

Starting an online store is simple and there are many automated programs that allows you to have one within minutes. Problem starts when no one knows you exists. To get people to come to your site alone is an art by itself. You will have to know how to run successful ad campaigns. You will have to know how Search Engines work. you will have to find out what people like. It is an endless study and experiment.

Many online entrepreneurs spends days and weeks studying the market and making good ad campaigns that would convert into sales. Sometimes they fail, but they try another campaign. They keep trying until the find one that works for them.