The Flower Business


One of the most stable business that I have seen that is able to withstand any economic situation is the florist. It may be seasonal, but then again, it may not because flowers are need everyday for hotels, hospitals, offices and many other hospitality businesses. No doubt, boom times are during festive times and Valentine’s day, normal demand on any other days have always been enough to keep the business afloat and viable. Thus it is no surprise that online florist like ProFlowers have been going strong.


ProFlowers supplies and delivers flowers for all occasions with prices ranging from under $40 to over $80. Other than flowers, they also supplies plants like beautiful bonsais and gourmet gifts suitable for any parties or celebrations. Of course their main business is still flowers and flower delivery.

Though Proflowers is a US based company, flowers are can be arranged to be sent to over 70 countries throughout the world through their sister company, FlowerFarm, so there is no excuse of not being able to send flowers to your loved ones if they happened to be out of the country.

Bouquets from Proflower are all tastefully and uniquely arranged as can be seen here. Choices are very varied and ordering is a matter of 3 easy steps. Choose your favorite bouquet, choose a vase of your choice other than the one shown and finally select the date of delivery and to where you want the flowers delivered.