The Online Women Shoes Store


About 2 or 3 years ago, a new kind of shoes that looks like the head of a crocodile took the world by storm and had all men, women, young and old, crazy for a pair. There was no clear explanation as to why these shoes, manufactured by Foam Creations, Inc. which was later acquired by Crocs, became so popular world wide other than it provides a comfortable wear, durable and can be worn under all weather and land conditions. Croc Shoes remained popular till today with many new variants being developed and sold.

Croc Shoes are just but one of the many variants available from, an online shoe store specially catering for women’s footwear. Among the 58 brands of shoes with each brand carrying at least 20 different models and cuttings, is a shoe paradise for women. Of all the popular makes, Blowfish Shoes started by 2 well known shoe designers, Steve Hoyt and Don Weiss has a range of shoes and sandals that will make your wife and your daughters drool.

Others in stock at this massive shoe site includes those from Sugar. Made for those who are young, sweet, sassy or sporty, the Sugar Boots Morigami brings out the young and energetic spirit. Sugar Shoes are touted as an avant-garde among teen brands and they are constantly coming out with new items and cuttings to keep up with the ever changing trends of teenagers.