The Telephone is Your Best Business Tool


The telephone is the most useful tool that has ever been invented, but most businessmen under utilise it. Telephones beats whatever kind of SMS-es or emails that you send out in this mordern era.

Hearing a real life voice speaking to you increases your confidence of the person that you are speaking too. We can determine from their tone whether they are in a mood to talk or if they are friendly or otherwise.

Many a business deals are sealed over the phone. With the advancements and rapid globalization, meetings can be carried out with people and associates from all over the world via tele-conferencing.

For a small retailer like myself, the telephone is my lifeline, be it the most sophisticated cell phone or the traditional tone dialled phones. I get orders over the phone. I go after my debtors over the phone and when I am free, I socialize over the phone.