The Year That Was


As the year closes in, it is time I take stock of what I had accomplished with this blog. It has been quite an eventful year for Old Things. I started this blog in February on the premise of relating my experience as a school drop out who made a decent living without the much sought after degree that all parents wants their children to pursue. I also wanted to share the things I have learned along the way like some home maintenance stuffs so people can DIY on minor repairs in their homes.

This blog scored a success of sorts when within 3 short months was awarded a PR5 by Googles and that was a turning point. It was a time when writing paid reviews and selling text links was taking off in a big way, and being a PR5 blog, there was no shortage of opportunities for me to make some really decent money. I must admit, I did make some within these 10 months.

I thought the fairy tale ended when this blog got penalized and had all the PR taken away. There was a feeling of initial dejection but I quickly recovered went on my usual blogging ways, blogging about my favorite topics like making a living without the proper education. Though without the rank, this blog still do get a decent amount of search traffic each day. In fact almost all my traffic comes from search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Live Search and MSN.

There are some people that I would like to thank for giving me the inspiration to carry on blogging here, other than the loyal ones who turns up few times a week. A special mention goes to the great guys at Linkworth. They are my biggest supporters, selling my links like hot cakes when times were good. Though some might have pulled out due to my de-ranking, the majority have stayed, though I have no idea when they too will start pulling out.

Linkworth has given me a very steady income of more than $300 monthly through their effort in selling my links and their frequent offers of reviews which I thought would have dried out by now. On the contrary, I have been offered 7 reviews just this month alone and that sort of covered my losses for the Advertisers that have withdrawn their links. So a big thank you to Linkworth for their continued support.

For 2008, I have no special plans for this blog and will be taking things as it comes. Of course I hope Linkworth will still continue supporting this blog as before. There is slim hope of getting my PR back, but my articles do gets searched, so the quality is still intact. I have always given more than Advertisers asked for in hope that they will get more than their money’s worth. This will be my main selling point for next year.