Time To Look At Your Performance.


Most businesses, especially those small ones that does not follow strictly the rules of book-keeping likes to close their books at the end of the year and see how they have performed for the past 12 months. For those that have kept a clear record of their transactions, they will be able to analyse what went where and see if they can cut down on unncassary expenses to increase profitablity.

Every businessmen knows it is crucial to have a properly kept record. From that record, hey will know what sells best, which are the products that have the highest turnover and which are the products that are a liability to their business. From these knowledge they can have a platform to planĀ  out their strategy forĀ  the coming year.

Business is a ever evolving thing. What works for the first 6 months might not work for the next 6 months. A well planned strategy will mean having to make provisions in case things do not work according to plan. As in all plans that we lay out, there should always be a backup plan that we can fall back to. In other words, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket.