Travelling Around Asia


Asia is one big continent consisting of countries that spans from China right through to India. Though there are many smaller countries in between, these 2 countries are the biggest in Asia it is the most visited country in Asia. A traveller cannot consider himself being to Asia if they have not set foot in these 2 countries.

There are lots of information available over the net and in magazines that provides information on Asia if you are planning to travel there. A new Asia travel blog titled Blogasian, has several interesting articles that one might be interested in checking out before going there. There is a guide to Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, that gives some fresh insights on this magnificent building. Read about the history behind this gift of love, and legend has it that the craftsmen were all blinded by the King after completion of this palace, so they will not be able to build another one that is grander than the Taj Mahal.

Another interesting article is about the weird things that people eat in China. I knew for a fact that the Chinese will eat anything but I was quite surprised that they even make the testicles of a cow into a delicacy. They actually deep fry the cow balls and even gives the customers a choice or eating them well done or rare, just like eating a piece of steak! Phew. All I can say is, it will be quite a nauseating meal.