Up the Ceiling of a Terrace House


I had to go up the ceiling yesterday to rectify a phone line in my house. Everytime I am forced to go up, I wish houses built here has an attic like those in European countries. Since most of you have never been up inside the ceiling, I will show you how it looks like.

First, it’s going to be pitched dark. Then you will feel like you are getting inside a sauna. Once you are in, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind with every step is, ALWAYS STAND ON THE BEAMS!. The asbestos sheet looks like cement floor and if you are to engrossed in what you are doing, you will step on it and you will go right through the ceiling. SO REMEMBER.

The manhole opening that you will find on your ceiling. You have to push that open to climb in.


Once up, step on the beams. You should not even try stepping on the smaller supprts you see beside the 2 x 4 beams. They are not strong enough to support an adult.


It’s pitched dark and if you don’t have a torch, you can actually slide a piece of the roof tiles down to give you light and fresh air. Just give any one piece of the tiles a push upwards and slide it up or downwards.


What you will expect to see are messy wires and plumbing pipes done by irresponsible contractors.



Your water storage tank. Make sure it is properly covered or you will dead lizards and maybe rats in it.