Use a Solar Heater for your Water Heating needs.


For those staying in their houses with roofs, installing a Solar heater will pay in the long run. A Solar Heater as the name implies, uses the sun’s energy to heat up your water. Available in few capacities, the most popular ones are the 30 gallons or 50 gallons ones. A normal 30 gallons Solar Heater should be sufficient enough for a small family of 4.

Solar Heaters are almost maintenance free once it is installed and can normally last you a life time if there is no unforseen mishaps like a tree crashing into it. Installation is easy and once all the plumbing works has been completed. Experienced installers will be able to place the Solar Heater in a position that will absorb the maximum sunlight.

Contrary to beliefs, the Solar Heater will still work on a rainy day. Unless it has been raining non stop for a few days and there is absolutely no sunshine, the water will still be hot enough for you to take a warm bath if it has been raining for a few hours.

If and however, it indeed has been raining for a few days, there is a heater built inside the unit to warm up the water manually by using the conventional way, by electricity. This feature is present in all makes of Solar Heaters. Just make sure your electrician have made provisions for an additional outlet point near the Solar Heater.

The only maintenance needed is to clean the heaters storage tank once a while to clear out the fungi or to replace the float valve. Take precaution not to damage the solar cells when attempting to do these things. Other than that, the Solar Heater will just sit there and do it’s job without incurring any extra cost in your electrical bills.