Verify Facts Before Making A Decision


Shrewd businessmen relies on facts, not hearsay before making an important decision. There is no shortcut to this fact. The reason why sometimes your business proposals takes months to process is simply because the guy that you have made the proposal to is doing some investigation on his own. No one is going to rush headlong into a decision based just on your proposal no matter how detailed the proposal is.

There are many ways to differentiate between facts and fictions. The first and most important one is your gut feelings. If you feel something is too far out to be taken as a fact, then some research is in order. There have been many cases where businessmen have been conned into loosing hundreds of thousands just because they fail to believe in their gut feelings and logical common sense.

Cons, unless they are really well executed are easy to spot. The reason why people falls into the trap is simply because of greed. Greed can overwhelm common sense. Some of those who got conned are highly educated professionals and it is rather strange that they could be victims of such cons that have been publicised over and over again.

Having said that, con men these days have turned really professional. They go out of the way to convince you, making even the most immaculate guy to drop his suspicions and go along with his con. These con men are talented speakers and they make perfect motivators. Their power to convince will make them a super salesman if they don’t con.

Be wary of proposals or phone calls claiming that you can make thousands overnight. Always check for facts. Surf the net for information. Ask around if any one have heard of such a thing. Look out for proper information with various government departments. Call the newspaper companies to verify the fact. Make sure everything is 101 % in order before making that final decision.