What Are Structured Settlements


Structured Settlements are settlements of cash owed to you or by you in a structured form whereby the pay back period and amount paid is structured within a specified time frame as agreed by both parties or as decided by a court of law. The most common form of cash for settlements are found in liability suits resulting from personal injury claims where the guilty party agrees to settle payments over time in exchange for the release of liability for your claim.

In view of such settlements, and the need for people to get much needed cash fast and in a lump sum rather than receiving their deserved payments monthly, Settlement Purchasers comes to the rescue. With the right expertise and knowledge of state and federal laws, Settlement Purchasers have the ability to garner high approval rates for settling your cash claims with multiple options. They will buy from the people who wants to sell annuity by offering them the best possible deal available.

There are of course many kinds of annuities around where you will be paid accordingly as per your agreement with whatever parties that you have made deal with. Even lottery winnings are seldom paid in one lump sum and your winnings are only dispersed to your account monthly or yearly. Another form of annuity payment that is common are insurance payments where upon on your policy maturing or from claims made, are paid to you structurally. For many, they would prefer to get their money upfront even if it means getting a little lessor than they would if they stuck with the structured payments. In cases like this, Settlement Purchasers will buy from those who wants to sell structured insurance to them.

In summary, structured settlements are cash payments that are delivered to you monthly or yearly as agreed by all parties or as ruled by the court of law. This is to deter over spending that most are vulnerable to when they receive an unexpected windfall. It will also lesson the burden of the paying party where they won’t have to cough up a large sum of money within a short period. However in cases where the money is needed urgently, there are companies like Settlement Purchasers to help out. By buying the entire annuity from you with reasonable charges, instead of waiting for years to fully receive the money that is rightfully yours, you will receive the money upfront in one lump sum, minus interests and charges of course.