When The Rainy Season Comes, Sell Umbrellas.


That is the wise saying handed down for generations. It means to adapt to the situation and I think all sensible businessmen should take this advise seriously. It not only means that we should adapt to the present situation, it also mean we should take advantage of it all opportunities that comes clearly before our eyes.

This saying is also applicable to our everyday lives. Whether we are a student studying hard for our degree or we are part of the workforce trying to ekk out a living, making the most out of the present environment will benefit us. From the businessmen’s point of view, if you know how to sell umbrellas during the rainy season, then you will reap great profits.

Businesses should be versatile and not be stagnated like a piece of deadwood. We should be with the trend. Even for a simple grocery store,  where your profits are ensured by the everyday demand of daily needs, more can be made out if you can add items that are seasonal. Many grocery stores takes advantage fruit seasons to sell favorite fruits. Seasonal fruits are best sellers because they are only available during certain period of the year. Many consumers spares no expenses in buying a few before the season is over and they will have to wait a whloe year before the next season comes.

For the wage earner, making the best from a situation can bring big rewards. If you see a chance or an area that you can perform to your maximum capabilities, do not hesitate to volunteer for the job. Volunteering to do something for the company that is paying you is not stupid as some may think. You might not be paid for extra hours, but if your effort gets noticed, your  reward will be handsome. It will surpass the overtime that you have put in.