When You Want To Leave Your Job


There comes a day when you will want to seek greener pastures, find a job elsewhere or maybe you indeed have found greener pastures and you are preparing to leave your present employer. It could also due to other reasons, like some who can’t get along with their difficult colleagues or maybe they have over demanding boss. Whatever the reason for your leaving, leave in a cordial manner. There is no point making enemies with your former employers. It does you no good.

No matter how unhappy you have been in that company, when the time comes, leave happily like a gentlemen. Make sure you follow company rules and if the company need a month’s notice before you can actually leave, make sure you hand in your letter one month in advance. During that one month’s time make sure you clear off all your backlog so the new guy that comes in can have a clean start. If he comes in before you leave, make sure you tell him or her everything they need to know. Never be so self centered to hold something back just to make life difficult for the next guy or make your boss feel as though he has lost someone useful.

Some people feels they can hold a company to ransom by leaving. That is a very naive and stupid mentality. Always remember that no one is indispensable. The company was running fine before you came and it is still going to be fine after you leave. You can never ruin your boss by leaving the company. The fact that he is the boss and you are not is because he is simply smarter than you. He might feel a slight inconvenience for a day or two but the company will never close down without you.

So when it is time to leave, leave like a man. Hand over everything that are required of you. Shake hands with everyone on your last day. Go and say thank you to your boss. He might have been a lousy guy, but he is still your boss till the last day. When you enter the new company, they will do a background check on you and the first guy that they will be referring to will be your former boss. Now do you want him bad mouthing you?