Where to Install the Ventilation Fan.


Having a ventilation fan in our kitchen and in some case the hall helps clear of fumes when we are cooking. Lots of Chinese families also have one installed in their halls because of smokes from the Jossticks that they lit up when doing their daily prayers.

Two Different Models of Ventilation Fan

The 2 different version for a household ventilation fan are the wall mounted type and the ceiling mounted type. As suggested the wall mounted type are the type you see in most kitchen. These involves making a hole in the brick wall to accommodate the fan, but most house owners will make provisions for the fan when they are renovating their kitchen before they move in. Doing it after you have moved in will be a little bit messy but still possible with the right tools.

The Ceiling mounted types are more easier to install but it is only possible for single storey houses that have hung ceilings and not concrete ceilings. All we need is to saw a hole in the asbestos ceiling and the fan can be inserted in within the frame.

The Best Location for the Ventilation Fan.

All ventilation fans should be located at the corners. If it is a wall mounted one make sure it is installed at the corner of the wall as close to your wok or the place that you do the most cooking. It should be as high as it possibly can go. It has something to do with the natural way air circulates in a room. The air congests at the corners.

Same with the ceiling mounted ventilation Fans. It should also be located at the corner most area of the room.

Other areas that need to be Ventilated

One place that is often overlooked during installation of ventilation fans is the bathrooms. Most of our bathrooms have toilets attached and having a ventilation fan in our bathrooms not only lets us having a more cooling time when doing our job but it also clears off the smell after we are done. The person waiting anxiously outside will have a more bearable first few seconds. On top of that, it won’t be so stuffy, especially when we are taking a bath with warm water.