Why And When Do We Start Selling Annuities


From the old school of thoughts, we have been reminded time and again that, as a human, we should be frugal and live within our means. We are also thought to save up for a rainy day. However, over the years, ways of thinking and logic changes along with the time and tide. In modern society, people have taken a different view of financial managing and this new school of thoughts advocates us to invest our money in order to reap maximum capital gains. So rather than having our money safe and sound in the bank, we are now advised to withdraw at least part of them to invest in profitable ventures that will bring more earnings than what the banks pays us for our deposits. In view of this, people started looking at their financial situation, whether present or future, to find ways to use their money more effectively.  One route that has been gaining popularity is to sell annuities.

selling annuities

Selling annuities has proven to be an ideal method, very much preferred over bank loans, of raising fast cash, be it for an emergency case or for investment into profitable ventures. The beauty of opting for this method lies in the fact that the money belongs to you in the first place and even if the venture fails, there is no worries of stalled paybacks as in the case of using a bank loan, which might result in you getting a bad credit rating or even bankruptcy. No doubt, you will be getting less than what you are supposed to if you prefer to wait out for the future payments, the money you received upfront via annuity sale might eventually bring you many more times in returns if you have invested it wisely.

Having said that, there are of course certain criteria which should be observed carefully before one decide to take the step to sell their annuity. It will be foolish for one to sell his one and only annuity and then lavished it all without considering the fact that once the money is gone, it is gone for good. It will be advisable to hang on to your annuity until something feasible comes along which you are confident enough that it will be more gainful in the long run than to have your money held for the next few years. Of course, you don’t have to be reminded that when you want to sell annuity, you should shop around for reputable structured payments companies that ensure you get the best deal and services.