Why do paints peel on the lower portion of the wall.


Most terrace houses faces this problem. Though it is not very serious, it can be quite ugly to see paints peeling after a few months, especially at the lower ares of the walls adjacent to the bathrooms. I have attended to calls from my customers complaining that they have a leaking pipe which have caused the paints to peel. Their suspicion is justified as the walls do look damp. However, this is not due to any leakage which many stubbornly refuse to believe.

The fact that the walls are damp proved that there is moisture. This moisture is from the ground where the wall is erected on. The area around the bathrooms are the places where moisture is most concentrated because the earth beneath the toilets are damp. We might find it hard to believe, but our bathrooms on the ground floor are never water proofed when they were built. Only those on the upper floors have been water proofed. The floor tiles might look solid and nice, but no matter how good and strong the look, water will always seep through when we take our baths. It may take months, but the earth beneath will slowly turn wet and it will never dry out because we use the bathroom everyday and it is away from any sunshine.

Now when you cover something that is wet and moist with a piece of paper, will you not see the paper turning wet with moisture after a few days? You definitely will. That is what is happening to the walls and the peeling paintwork. The walls have been moisturised. Coupled that with the fact that the paintwork has not been done according to specification, you will see all the paint blistering in a few months before they start peeling off.

When that happens, there isn’t much you could do except to scrap off all the paint and repaint the area. To make it longer lasting, make sure you scrap off all those loose paint. Get a good undercoat sealant and give it a thorough undercoat. Make sure you get the sealant paint as undercoat and not just an ordinary emulsion undercoat. After applying the sealant, you can now apply the top coat with a color of your choice. Doing it this way will prolong the life span of your paintwork as the moisture won’t penetrate the sealant so easily to damage the top coat.