Why Learning More Than One Trade Is Important


It is commonsense that the more we know, the highly we will be regarded. Our self worth will double with our knowledge. So it always appropriate to have yourself master at least 2 trades or fields. A simple example of days gone by was when an accountant just knows how to enter all his transactions manually. When the age of computerization arrived, he was still adamnant that his way was the best and he refused to learn the new computerised software. Very soon, he was phased out.

Similarly, if you can speak more than one language, your chances are better than those who doesn’t when it comes to employment. It is the same anywhere. The guy who is employing you wants the best value for the money that he is going to pay. A plumber who is also a skilled electrician will alwyas be more welcomed than just a plain plumber.

However, we must also not be too greedy and end up being a jack of all trade and a master of none. If we were to learn more than one trade. make sure we are masters in both. A jack of all trade will make a good handyman, but he will never become a master in any employment. That will be his loss. If you are talented enough to be able to learn lots of things, I am sure you will be talented enough to master at least two.