Year End Spring Cleaning


Comes every December, the majority will begin their annual once a year spring cleaning of their homes in anticipation of the year end festivities. What are the stuffs to be thrown out and what are the stuffs that should be retained till the next cleaning? That is the question that goes trough the minds of everyone when the time comes.

As a rule of the thumb, things that have not been touched or used during the last 6 months are considered safe to dispose off. According to studies done on home improvement, if something has not been used even once during that time span, it will probably be never be used ever. That is the rule that keeps a company’s warehouse in good order. That is also the reason you see various good bargain sales during the end of the year. They want to keep their stores in order.

However, most housewives simply don’t have the heart to just give away their favorite crockeries of maybe even their pair of out sized shoes or dresses. So stuffs begins to stack up year after year until it reaches an unmanagable level.

The first step is always the most difficult, but once you start disposing the first item, it becomes easy. A very good way to start is to donate all your old clothes or any other stuffs to charitable organizations.� There are plenty out there just waiting for people like us to give them clothes that are in good condition. Do you know that in some countries, people have to go bareback everyday because they can’t even afford proper clothings? Giving all your old clothes to them is like god sent for them.

After you hve donated your first load, you will feel very good inside to know that you have done a good deed.� The following loads will be done with pleasure.

Then of course you might have neighbors or friends who need an old TV or some old reference books that your children have no more use of. They will be grateful if you gave them those.

So happy spring cleaning.